The secret meaning behind this number

On this day eleven years ago, at exactly 1.55pm, one of the most incredible people were born: my beautiful daughter! A very happy and playful child (as they all are), she really brightens up my days, and her gorgeous smile lights up any room she walks into. She has so many amazing traits that it would take up a whole day just to list them all here, but she is my daughter and I am so proud of her.

The amazing thing is that also on the 16th, but on a different month – March, my first-born made his way into this world. That was 15 years ago, and little did I know what an impact the number 16 would make on my life!

I didn’t actually realize until a few years later, when I met my soulmate on the 16th August. Not only did we meet on that day, but we also discovered that he is exactly 16 days older than me! That was when I came to understand how that number keeps chasing me in my life. I discovered that the number 16 is a number of introspection. It is wise, intuitive and independent. It tends to sit alone and think of a possible solution to any problem there may be to the person bearing this number in his/her numerology chart, or seeing it often or, in my case, having this number follow me in all my pursuits.

The number 16 enjoys studying and analyzing and exploring new levels of wisdom. It accumulates both analytical and spiritual insight. It’s also independent, self-sufficient, and comfortable being alone.

Looking at the core of the number 16 – 1, 6 and 7 (1+6=7), we can say that: 1 is self-sufficient and self-reliant. Independent and has no problem being alone, in fact, needs to have alone time. 6 has to do with family, home, nurturing, peace and takes its responsibilities very seriously.

Now when we add all the numbers to make 7, we can say it is a number of instrospection and inner-wisdom. Just knowing that something is right or wrong, or having total confidence to talk about a subject without having seen or read about it. Sevens tend to interact with others in a meaningful way. They are comfortable in engaging in literary or scientific activities.

Having 16 in my life is a sign from above telling me that I am comfortable in taking care of the needs of others. It is also a reminder to take care of myself and sometimes to put myself first. Alone time and a lot of introspection is needed when we see this number and it also means that I have to follow a path of higher knowledge to share it with the world. Seems like a beautiful gift to me. It symbolises determination and growth and allows me to become a better person both spiritually and emotionally.

The number 16 keeps showing itself up to me in different ways. My father passed away over a year ago, exactly 16 years after my mother’s passing. So again the angels tried to communicate with me. Now of course, I notice these things, and not everyone does, but the angels sure want to show me what I need to know and this is their way of making me follow my path and become the best version of myself.

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