new moon2The New Moon for March 2018 falls, as usual, in the emotion water sign of Pisces. It happens this Saturday the 17th. It will give you a boost of feminine energy, leaving you feeling very emotional and your intuition might be sky high. If you are empathic, don’t forget to ask for a shield to protect you from the negative energies of others. This is a very sensitive time for you.

Your creativity will also be heightened, so if you have an idea, use this New Moon to make your dreams come true, as you may see yourself upon a new path of opportunity.

Embrace what you have left behind and create your future. Believe that your amazing ideas will help everyone and the Universe will have your back.

As this is a New Moon, a new cycle, don’t forget that your manifestation abilities will help you on the right path. It is a good idea to write a manifestation letter to the New Moon, pouring your heart out as to what it is you actually want. Love, Money, a new job…now is the time to put what you are thinking onto paper. Then after writing it, breathe in and say a little prayer. Then throw the letter into the fireplace, and say “thank you”. This beautiful ritual will make your dreams come true.

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