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Numerology is an extensive study, showing you exactly what kind of person you are and what your Life Path is. It also has clues as to what your talents are and what lessons you need to learn. So much can be dealt with, just by learning to work out what your numbers are.

You can even find out about a past life through your numbers, and all you need is your birthdate and your full name.

There’s a numerology formula that may help you discover who you were and how you lived in a past life. To be able to find your number through this formula, there are several steps:

1. Find your Life Path Number

You do so by adding up the numbers in your birth date.                                                         For example: July 22 1945 is 7 + 2 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 4 + 5 = 30. And 3 + 0 = 3.  So the Life Path Number is 3.

2. Find your Inner Need Number

This number represents something you need to fulfill in this lifetime, that you were working on in a previous life. Or a role which you were give, but that you didn’t take up in a positive way. For example, if you were someone who was highly recognized and had power, but you took advantage of that power and everyone hated you for it. In this lifetime you will be kind and generous to everyone you meet, so that they can accept you. To find your Inner Need Number you add up the vowels in your name. Each letter has a specific number to it:

A = 1 ; E = 5 ; I = 9 ; O = 6 and U = 3. So Sarah June Daniels looks like this: 1 + 1 + 3 + 5 + 1 + 9 + 5 = 25 = 7. Her Inner Need Number is 7.

Important note: Do not reduce your Inner Need Number if it is 11. You can, however, reduce 22 to 4 and 33 to 6.

3. Add your Life Path Number to your Inner Need Number

So if we use the example above, we add 3 to 7 which equals 10. So the Past Life Number is 1 (1 + 0 = 1).

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Now it’s time to find out what your Past Life Number is and what it means. So if your Past Life Number is:

Number 1 – You were likely some kind of leader, maybe a king or a queen. You were respected and sought after for advice and leadership. You may have made the laws for a country and maybe even carried them out. You might have been a presidente, a ruler, part of the mafia or a ruler. If you have abandonment issues in this life, there is a chance that you may have been abandoned or orphaned in a past life.

Number 2 – Your issue in a past lifetime was that of love and relationships. It is very possible that you were a twin and if you do not have a twin in this lifetime, you may feel that someone or something is missing from your life. Your most former life was filled with difficult decisions and many concerns about affairs of the heart. You may have been torn between two lovers and might meet up with one (or both) in this lifetime.

Number 3 – In your most recent past life you may have been utterly Creative. It is possible that you were a writer or an artist. Maybe you love to dance in this lifetime and you might have been a dancer in your former life. Do you love cooking? You might have been one. You might even have had a family and you were a good parent. Some of you may have been farmers and looked after your land and home. Others might have been gardeners and worked with herbs. You could also have been a druid or a witch.

Number 4 – A very interesting lifetime, but not always a positive one. Many of you may have been slaves or prisoners. Some may have been jail keepers or prison guards. You may have lived in extreme poverty. Other 4’s may have served in the military, especially in the navy or the army. Many of you may have been an authority figure in your field and people might have had high consideration for you.

Number 5 – This number relates to a lifetime of war. You could have fought in a war or lived in a warzone. Many of you may have had to rebuild your lives after a war. Some were rebels, builders or engineers. Communication might have played a huge part in your former life or even conflict resolutions or working on major projects.

Number 6 – You may have been an early Christian or Buddhist. You practised unconditional love or forgiveness. You would meditate and pray daily. It is likely you were an actor or entertainer. If you weren’t practising spirituality, you were definitely a parent.

Number 7 – Seven is a spiritual number, so this lifetime relates to just that. You might have been a respected elder, maybe from a Native American or African Tribe. Most likely a great teacher who was considered highly intelligent. You probably attended school and achieved more education than most people at the time. It is also possible that you were a lawyer and involved in changing laws in the community or society as a whole.

Number 8 – Healer / Doctor / Medicine Man or Woman. You may have been a healthy merchant or land owner, as money  was extremely important in your life. You might even had a lack of money and you could have experienced hunger and famine.

Number 9 – Traveller, voyager, journalist, psychic/astrologer, humanitarian or peace worker. You could have also been deaf or mute. You may have worked in a hospital or had experience in helping the dying.

Number 11 – Prophet, medium, spiritualist – someone with great vision. Possibly a musician or a poet. You might even have been a judge or ruled over a high court. This is the most spiritual lifetimes anyone could have.

Did you find this blog interesting? Leave a comment and let me know if there are any clues in your current lifetime that confirm your Past Life Number.



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