Yesterday was the beautiful Full Moon and it was also a Super Moon, meaning it appeared bigger and brighter than any other Full Moon this year.

The Full Moon is known to be an excellent conductor to cleanse your crystals. In fact, cleansing your stones out in the moon, no matter what phase it is, is the safest method. I personally love to cleanse my crystals out in the light of the full moon, because it is gives a strong effect, not only to the crystals, but even to us as humans or even animals.

full-moon-cleansingMoon cleansing can be done on the day before, during or after the full moon. Place your crystals outside in direct sight of the moon (if possible) and leave it overnight. Then collect them just after the sun rises, so they can also feel the effect of the first rays of the sun. Don’t leave dark crystals out in direct sunlight for too long, as they may lose their gorgeous colours.

Crystals can be placed for Moon cleansing on a cloudy night and they will still be cleansed. If it rains, though, keep them away, as they may damage some crystals, such as selenite and malachite. You can put these crystals out of reach of the rain, by placing them on your window sill. Crystals from the quartz family (for example rose quartz, amethyst or citrine) are ok to be kept out in the rain. Just make sure you rinse them when you bring them back in, to cleanse them from anything the rain may have left on them.

You don’t need to put all your crystals out on a Full Moon. Follow your intuition! What uros-jovicic-428213I personally do is place the crystals I work with the most out. Otherwise, crystals that I have not worked with I typically only put them out once, maybe twice a year. You do not have to put all of your crystals out at every Full Moon. However, if you have a few crystals you work with on a very regular basis, those are the ones you would want to put out every time, that is, if you don’t forget. If you do, you can always use another cleansing method. I just find that the Full Moon method is the safest and the most common way to cleanse your crystals.


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